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Introducing the Canon XC10

Join Canon U.S.A.’s Technical Advisors as they introduce the Canon XC10, a 4K camcorder. The Canon XC10 is a true hybrid camera, with 4K and HD video capabilities, and includes the ability to shoot and share still image files. This one camera can be an ideal multi-media tool for journalists, web shooters, and many others. A one-inch size,12-million pixel Canon CMOS sensor for stills and video provides excellent quality, and contributes to a compact design.

Canon XC10 First Look

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Canon XC10 4K videokamera

Canon uutuus on pienikokoinen ammattikamera huippuominaisuuksilla! mm. 4K -video, 5 akselinen kuvanvakain, Canon Log gamma, 4:22 yms.

[New Launch] Canon Unveils XC10 That Does Both High Quality 4K Video …


私が選んだCannon XC10の厳選動画です。

キヤノン 4K ビデオカメラ XC10 《6月中旬発売予定》

キヤノン 4K ビデオカメラ XC10 《6月中旬発売予定》



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